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Debut Novel

A story about a young artist trying to navigate his way through life in Tampa Florida and fulfill his dreams. Only it's not easy to endure. With the help of family and friends maybe he can overcome the wiles of temptation. In the process, hearts are broken and trust is betrayed. But joy still comes in the morning.

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It took me two years to write this novel. It's an inspirational urban fiction story I drew from different experiences in my life. But initially I just brainstormed to get the ball rolling. Now I can fully appreciate the saying "labor of love." Check out my interview below.


Fighting for my life


If you’re reading this you’re either in prison, going to prison, been to prison or curious about prison. Regardless, welcome to “The Chain Gang.” I’m about to give my personal experiences, testimony, do’s & don’ts and the purpose of any confinement whether county, state or federal from my opinion. 

Now available in Apple Books, Barnes & Noble for Nook, Kobo, Smashwords eBook version and other retailers.

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This is my first eBook!

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