First Ideas (Maybe)


PLASTIC PISTOLS - Outlaw Big Gun Purchases!
How about we invent an all plastic hand gun to replace all metal guns bought for personal protection?

Why plastic? So that a self destruct melt-down trigger can be used to accompany the built-in G.P.S. locator, which would alert police every time that gun is reported being used improperly and/or dangerously/harmfully.

This would decrease crime involving shootings because less shots would be fired before cops hit the self destruct melt-down button. Guns should only be used for personal protection and hunting purposes. So, possession of anything other than a hand gun should be outlawed unless hunting during hunting seasons. Think about it.

How about we invent a vending machine that sells natural and synthetic hair? No-brainer million dollar idea. And yes we would incorporate samples for customers to feel the texture of each item and there could even be wigs. Weave whenever you want it.

Just imagine one of these in every Walmart like redbox. Weave Works!

FANTASTIC FRENCH TOAST - International Flavor
How about we start a food chain that focuses on America's best breakfast food that's been neglected as a focal point - French Toast?

The restaurant could have a chic, techie, vibrant and fresh environment friendly decor with Wi-Fi, books, and our specialty of all natural fruit juices to join a nice gourmet breakfast, brunch, or dinner with your choice of syrup from all around the world to test your taste buds.

Fantastic French Toast - International Flavor! - Everything Under A Dollar Sold Online
I was talking with my Mom and we were brain storming about what the internet was missing. And it hit me. There's not a 99 cent online store out there yet. It's a billion dollar idea that could help third world countries because just about everyone could afford something on this site!


They already have Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar General. Why not have a store online dedicated to this price point?

Automatic Shutoff Oven & Stove Replacements

Just like a while ago when we all had to switch our televisions from analog to digital and get a converter box, all older model ovens and stoves should be replaced with newer models that have a built in automatic shut off function. This will prevent house fires, accidents and injuries.

FREE Gym Memberships for ALL U.S. Citizens 
This would reduce obesity dramatically for the whole country. Just giving people the option to access a gym would help by giving an alternative to their normal workout patterns or habits. Not to mention all the services that a local gym may provide. 

GIF Album Covers
Wouldn't it be great if new music album covers were displayed as GIFs? Yes it would. We're in the digital music streaming age and we clearly have the technology. Artists could attract more people and engage with them better by giving fans more of an experience. Spotify let's make this happen. Call me.

Instagram Live Feeds
Keep all videos and GIFs in motion when someone visits a persons IG page. It could help people and businesses promote whatever they have going on better. Everything is a commercial nowadays anyway. Instagram get at me.

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