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Ok so I'm diagnosed as Bipolar I. A mental disorder assigned by Grady doctors in 2009. For those unaware it's a chemical imbalance in the brain that can cause periods of extreme happiness called mania leading to a manic episode and/or times of strong sorrow called a depression episode. Some people have had mixed episodes. 2009 was my first manic episode and it was immediately followed by being locked-up which I mentioned in Part 2 of My War Story. They say I had a "Bipolar Break" which is known to occur around the age of 25. The true cause is unknown as to why this happens to some people.  

The best way I can describe being bipolar during an episode is that everything seems perfectly normal to you but completely abnormal to everyone else except God at this particular time.

My only advice or anecdote of assistance is that medicine can help keep a person stable enough to function acceptably within society. Personally I don't feel like anything is truly out of balance or unstable because we are all different individuals with different mixtures of the stuff that makes us who we are. So for some of us to be more or less of anything chemical inside our brains sounds only right. We were all created by The Anointed One. God never makes any mistakes. But if harm is caused to one's self or others then I think some precaution is needed.  

The treatment that has worked best for me is prayer, individual therapy, developing coping skills by doing things I like such as playing basketball, listening to music, drawing, reading, writing, playing video games, watching movies/videos and taking my medicine daily. Having a family member or friend to talk to on a regular basis is also helpful. However, I think researchers should invest more energy into a cure for mental health instead of medicating symptoms. We could've made 50 years of progress by now with this focus. 

I normally play pick up games but I was able to get on a squad called D.S.O.U. or Don't Sleep On Us organized by Yoshi a.k.a. Sylvester Poe. He's a nice guy I met in passing who I connected with and allowed me to get drafted to his basketball team. The team was comprised of amputee and able body players. Seeing these guys play hard and get buckets despite their physical setbacks was truly motivational. Some really cool guys too. I was honored for the opportunity to hoop with them and I couldn't wait for our first game. Thanks again Yoshi!    

And there you have it ladies and gentleman. My road to redemption.


Every word of God proves true. He defends all who come to Him.


JESUS is Real!

UABA Titanium Cup @ Phillips Arena

UABA Titanium Cup @ Phillips Arena